2004 Anis Medium City

Mar 16, 2006
Hi everyone! I'm thinking (but not sure at all) of selling my 2004 Anis Medium City. I purchased if from AmourN20 but when I got it, I suddenly realised that I had mistaken it for the mustard :shame: The bag is absolutely beautiful and in such perfect condition but for the life of me, I can't carry off any shades of green :sad2: But because the bag is so great (I love the 2004 leathers), I'm not sure if I should part with it...any thoughts? I feel so :shame: Here again, I made another fast purchase without doing my homework.....like the 2003 red twiggy.
If you think you won't use it, I would sell it. You can put the money toward another B-bag. Anis is a hard to find color, I'm sure it would sell very quickly on eBay :biggrin:
sweetsparkle said:
greenish yellow, maybe similar to a pear.

Interesting, it definitely does not photograph with any green except for the string on the handles.

That Anis bag has been to more countries/states in a short period of time than any other b-bag. :P
I have exactly the same, and I love the leather more than the most recent ones; as for the color it's not an easy one. If your not happy with it, sell it. I sold a black City on Ebay recently, and people were litteraly fighting over it, so you shouldn't have any problems...:biggrin:
i think the anis/mustard is a lot like the navy/cornflower and fa05 grey/ sp05 grey

essentially the same color- just a small tweeking of the undertones. anis has little green, mustard has a little gold/orange

i LOVE the anis color! if you wanna trade for my WTS... i'd be ecstatic! :nuts:
Oh thanks for the pics of the swatches. The photos could be really deceiving sometimes. The anis is very nice but I was searching for the mustard, thinking it was called the anis. :shame: