2003 olive/brown city SB 500


Mar 29, 2006
crazybump, it's a very browny-olive color - the photos aren't the best.

For the record, the thing that turns the handles dark is oils - from your skin, moisturizers, whatever - they are able to penetrate the leather there because whatever protective coating the leather has wears off quickly on the handles, leaving it open and porous. And the leather is actually absorbing - that's what makes it spread evenly down the length of the handle - like putting a drop of oil on a paper towel. If you can seal the leather in some way, it won't be as likely to absorb the oils. But it's not "dirt" in the usual sense of the term, and doesn't have anything to do with personal hygiene - it's probably more related to body chemistry. It's also why surface cleaners won't clean the darkness off the handles.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Congratulations, Deco!


Jun 7, 2006
Any chance we can refrain from the icks and all the :yucky: :sick: ? There are members (including me) who own bags with dark handles and I am sure we prefer that general statements not be made that our bags are gross.

I agree! Further, I think some colors are more prone to 'darkness' than others. I can only personally attest to one, the '04 Marron.
On this topic, I recently posted a good result I had using LMB to remove perfume smell, and because of the aggressive measures used to accomplish that, the handles needed to be refinished, and they turned out great. I still need to post pics on that by the way...