2003 olive/brown city SB 500

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  1. The handles look pretty bad. I wonder if you can clean them.
  2. Carried for "a bit"? Those handles are hideous!
  3. This one is on my want list but I would :throwup: if I had to even touch thoise handles. Sheesh, wash your damn hands. That is just gross. I carry white bags for 2 years and the handles are fine, what the hell? I don't get it. Do they work in auto repair? :wtf: I wouldn't take this bag if they gave it to me free. YUK. I can handle anything but dark handles like that, no thanks.
  4. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew that's all i gotta say about the handles, i wouldn't even touch that.
  5. Powder, how do you keep your lighter bags handles clean? I don't want to treat my bags because of issues I have heard from other girls here but I need to know how to keep them clean if I don't treat them. Your suggestions would really help me.
  6. Powder, do you just appleguarde your white bags???? IS it the spray that u use (handles too)

    thanks julie
  7. Yes, I do Apple Guard them at least once a month and I use the shoulder straps most of the time. But I do carry them by the handles but I guess I keep my hands clean. :P I always have hand wipes in my bag, in my car, etc. I don't like dirty hands. I got makeup on the handles once when I was in a hurry to get to work. So I always wash my hands after putting on my makeup too. I guess I'm just careful. I use hand cream but it never turns my handles dark. I've had my LV mono Alma for almost 3 years and the handles still aren't darker than the rest of the bag and I have never treated it with anything. I think if you keep your hands clean, the handles won't darken much.
  8. I've been searching for my first b-bag for a couple months and i would never buy this bag. The handles - eww-gross!
  9. I hate to say it guys - I have an Olive Brown Classique and the handles on my bag are almost as dark. And yes .... I wash my hands thoroughly several times a day! (I also use the shoulder strap about half the time). The body of the bag, though, is almost as light as her bag is. It's just the handles that have darkened over time.

    Have you ever seen a frequently carried, vintage LV? Those handles get just as dark, if not darker - I don't believe it's caused by dirt and/or dirty hands - I think it's part of the aging process on these types of leather.

    (maybe the body of the bag stays lighter because the leather is thinner and not rolled the way the handles are??)
  10. I don't know aboiut that. I have seen really old, vintage LV bags on ebay and the handles look good and newer bags 2 years old that are super dark. LV handles can be cleaned or even replaced, but Balenciaga doesn't replace the handles so that isn't an option.
    I personally wouldn't buy or carry a bag with handles that look filthy.
  11. the handles on my olive brown......
  12. Also, if the drakening was caused by dirty hands, it would be centered on the handles where you normally carry the bag - It wouldn't spread itself down all the way to the base of the handles where they attach to the bag.
  13. EWWWWWWW! Well the handles on that "army green" city are NAAAASTY! How the bleep can that seller say that bag is in "MINT CONDITION" with near black handles like that?!?! WTF?!!! :wtf:

    I'm sorry, but calling THAT bag "IN MINT CONDITION!" is one of the craziest things I've seen on Ebay...


    :rolleyes: Yea that's some kick ass bag with FILTHY handles! No thank you!

    :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:
  14. Thanks so much for the advice!