2003 Murakami at Rockefeller Center, Awesome

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  1. Takashi Murakami's new art installation, Reversed Double Helix, will be unveiled on September 9 at Rockefeller Center. The Times had a feature about the wild piece, plus Murakami's thoughts about his work with Louis Vuitton and the difference between art in American and art in Japan. And Rockefeller Center says about the piece.


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    source: Gothamist

  2. soo neat!! i wish i could check this out
  3. Awesome, how can we find out about going to the show?

    don't post links here
  4. my parents will be in the city that day. hmm, maybe i should tell them to drop by. lol they won't ;)
  5. Thanks for sharing. Too bad that I am about 20 hours flying time away.
  6. I wish I could go see it! :sad:
  7. rebecca was right. this was on display during 2003.
  8. ^ Ah that sucks.
    It Would have been interesting to see.
  9. I remember this display! I visited it 3 times a week because I loved it so much.
  10. :yahoo::yahoo::tup:
  11. Thanks for the info.
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