2003 Lilac Classique on ebay!!!

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  1. OMG!!! I can't believe this seller has this one..it's one of the rarest find!!!

    eBay# 6870605329

    :love: :nuts:
  2. love it!!! i'm watching this one
  3. Oh my I'm totally loving the yellow first!! So tempting....not sure how well it would match my casual stuff though....hm...
  4. go get the yellow!!!!!!!! go for it girl!!!!!! it's such a fun color:nuts: :love: ;)
  5. Ya? You are tempting me!! Will it go with everything? I was waiting for an apple first...maybe this could hold me over....
  6. it is such a fun color and perfect for summer;) and for $700 it is a steal!!!:nuts: :shame: go get it before I hit the BIN (no no no no no..temptations..temptations...)...hahahahahaha....LOL:lol:
  7. Hahaha ok I am seriously contemplating it...
  8. goodluck dear!!!!;) :love:
  9. hi:nuts: Liking the yellow? OOOhh let me know what happens;)
  10. Thanks so much! You're a sweetheart! I'll think about it during class (eh..whatever) & we will see! $700 is still a good amount of money for poor college folk. But at the same time, such a great deal....any other feedback about the color?
  11. hey K, I am soo pushing her to get it before I jump on to it...it'ssssss sooooooo harrrdddd to resist...:lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Wow, that lilac is pretty! I can vouch for the seller.

    <--- I bought a b-bag from her before. :biggrin: :love:
  13. that lilac is gorgeous!
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