2003 LILAC CITY w/ Silver Hardware @ $1295 opening bid

  1. link doesn't work
  2. OMG!!!!!!! This is going to be exciting!!!!!!:popcorn: Good Luck to all the bidders that are going for it!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Do the pix in the auction show the true colour? Looks a little "bleah" to me :confused1:
  4. I hope the camera is a little off. I'm sure it must be, she sells nice bags.
  5. ^ '03 Lilac is more mauvey than the other years...it's nearly a neutral ;o)
  6. Opps I just posted that too, I believe this bag has been restored?
  7. Sorry panda, we were posting at the same time:p
  8. :wlae::yahoo:
  9. She says touched up - I'm guessing corners, maybe? The 03 lilac is my faaaavorite of all the Bal lilacs. The leather looks stunning...
  10. I have to say I am content with my Lilac '06!!!!!! LOL... or else this would torture me!!!!
  11. OMG!!! the photos looks a little metallic to me, but the leather is GORGEOUS! and how pretty is that silver???
    must resist.. i must resist...
  12. I love the 03 Lilac, it look so pretty with the silver hardware. Good luck to those of you bidding.

    This is my 03 Lilac city -

  13. Hmmm... me no likey the colour (desperately want to, but no) – I think I prefer the 04 Lilac.