2003 emerald..impossible to find?

  1. does anyone here have a 2003 emerald that they could possibly take photos of? i would be interested to see how this bag looks! i have never seen a photo of a 2003 emerald except for the color!!
  2. anyone?? :confused1:
  3. Here's mine. It kind of changes colour depending on the lighting but the 2nd picture is closer to the real colour I think.

  4. Yeah, it's pretty near impossible to find ... :blah:
  5. I dunno... I saw 2-3 pop up on eBay and gone in like seconds when I was searching for one, but they did pop up! Don't give up! It took me ages to find one too ;)
  6. wow, the emerald is really amazing to look at. the color is just so unique. what a FANTASTIC collection you have lady! that marigold bag!! :love: so pretty. you are a lucky woman!! i *hope* that one day i can find an emerald! do they usually go for a lot of money?

  7. shucks!! i really hope one pops up sometime in the future! i have NEVER seen one on eBay before!
  8. fruitskeletons don't worry you'll be okay don't give up you'll find one soon
  9. Percephonie, what a gorgeous collection you have! I love them all. :yes:
  10. keodi: i hope so!! it seems like such a rare bag but i am not going to lose hope! one day :smile:

    lovelygarments: what a fantastic bag. the leather looks so lovely!
  11. Percephonie you have an awesome collection. Love the emerald and the yellow. Is that the Marigold? Love love love them!
  12. percephonie every time I see your collection I turn green with envy!!

    :greengrin: :greengrin: :greengrin:
  13. Aww thank you :love: fruitskeletons, lovelygarments, tresorchic and impasto!

    tresorchic-Yep that's marigold:yes:

    fruitskeletons-Definitely keep searching, I'm sure you'll find one sooner or later!
  14. Percephonie, your collection is breathtaking! The emerald green, marigold and eggplant are amazing! I've just found 3 more colors that I must have! I'm a newbie to collecting B-bags, how difficult is to find some of the older colors? :nuts: