2003 Caramel with silver hardware $1649 OBO

  1. It's authentic and beautiful!:yes:
  2. Ohhhhhhhh it's so rare :yes: , GORGEOUS :drool: and absolutely authentic (no doubt) :yahoo: !!!

    Go ladies . . . it's one chance to get a real, rare caramel from 2003 in really good condition :love: - GOOD LUCK everyone :flowers:

    And good luck zacorey 'L' with your sale :heart: !

    Thank you aerin for posting this beauty :flowers:
  3. ^except for the handles :sad:
  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with the handles. :shrugs: Even if they are a little warmed, it only adds character to the bag. The older bbags definitely have a lot more variation in color, leather, everything, which is what makes them so special.

    I think this bag is incredible. Good luck zacorey!
  5. ^obviously I need to get over my handles mental block because I can see that the rest of the bag is out of this world yummy. therapy...:sneaky: therapy...:sneaky:
  6. I agree, it is beaaaautiful!!!! :love:
  7. You may get over it (and save on therapy ;) ) once you get one of your own (especially one of the older ones) with dark handles. Honestly, I think the darker handles work on some of the older bags (especially the older bags in the more earthy colors like this caramel). I have two '04 marrons with dark handles and at first I was nervous but when I got them, it truly didn't bother me at all.

    Whoever gets this bag will be very lucky!
  8. Oh Z your bag is GORGEOUS!!!! What a find this is! Someone will be *very* lucky to snatch this baby up! Good luck :flowers:
  9. Thanks everyone!:winkiss: :flowers: It's so beautiful! This is my favorite Bbag ever!:smile:
  10. :drool: So pretty. The leather is tdf.
  11. WOW ... it's already sold :nuts: :yahoo: !!!
    CONGRATS zac..... 'L' ... and to the lucky new mommy :flowers: :love:
  12. ^^^ Yes- it's sold to a new mommy!
    Anyway, I received an email from someone on ebay that told me the color was called HONEY and not caramel! She was just trying to be nice and wished me luck on the sale. I told her I am positive it is called Caramel. Did anyone ever hear of a Honey color Bbag?
  13. Congrats zac! Don't know about "Honey", but there do seem to be some unusual colors popping-up from 2003. Wouldn't it be cool if it was a brand new discovery???:yes:
  14. ^^yes! That's what I was thinking too! Maybe there is some Honey color Bbag that will be discovered!