2003 BLUE Weekender Bag

  1. :nuts: i just received my 03 blue weekender bag! BOOYAH!!!!!!:yahoo:
    the color, leather and condition of the bag are superior and astounding-mere words cannot describe her

    and if you think the bag is fabulous, the seller was even more amazing and remarkable! :shame: she was a total doll :flowers: many thanks and warm hugs to you, zeke:love:

    [sorry but my pics are sub-par; and disrupting mommy while she's ogling her bags are a no-no and punishable by law so his penalty was helping to model the fabulous bag:lol: ]
    bbag03blue 015.jpg bbag03blue 002.jpg bbag03blue 016.jpg
  2. LOVE the bag. that color is incredible (especially with the pewter hardware). leather looks fab.

    and your son, he is priceless! congrats!
  3. Boo!!!!!! :smile: That is THE CUTEST photo with your son, he is such a doll :love:
    ...and of course you and the bag look absolutely positively gorgeous!!!!! YAY!!!! :love:
  4. Congrats, the bag is amazing! I love the color! Your son is the cutest!!!
  5. OMG, BooYah-girl, your new weekender is absolutely amazing & how can we book that adorable bag model?!?! :yahoo: :lol: :wlae: :heart:
  6. that is one amazing color booyah and your son is sooo cute with the weekender looks like he would fit in the bag lol adorable !!
  7. Amazing bag! And your son is adorable, I hope he gets a full pardon.;)
  8. Boo, sweetie...I'm not sure what I love more - your gorgeous blue weekender or your adorable son :love:

    Congrats on getting such a beautiful bag and for having such a sweetie pie for a son...he looks like such an angel :flowers:
  9. Booyah! congrats on yet ANOTHER gorgeous bag!
  10. BooYah, your son is the cutest child in the universe!:love: :love:

    oh and by the way, I must add that BooYah's sweet, kind, appreciative character was revealed through this transaction. I'm so glad she bought the bag because it gave me a chance to get to know her!:love: :love:
  11. ^^ ITA, BooYah's da bomb!!! :love:
  12. I love your Weekender!

  13. what a cute boy you have, and the bag is gorgeous:yes:
  14. BOOYAH! That bag is :yahoo: and your son is such a cutie. He looks like he can fit in the bag!!
  15. omigosh... beautiful bag and beautiful boy :smile: hehe