2003 Black First

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  1. Soooooo, what 2003 is the letter D? It's not on Ateilier and I don't have one...wondering :oh:
  2. who bought it?
  3. Thats what Im wondering? Whos the lucky girl?
  4. AAAHHHH I just saw the words "rare" & "2003" so I went for it!!!

    I haven't paid yet....what should I do???

    TIA :smile:

    I hope this doesn't turn out to be a really good fake like that 05 turq Winona almost got.....eeek!
  5. You should definetely check out what the letter "D" is. I dont know either.
  6. Yes....I didn't realize it wan't on the blog....
    I will email LP asap & report back!

    *fingers crossed*
  7. You guys, it's not fake.

    OK ;)
  8. Oh Mimi! you have 2 '03 Firsts, don't you?
    What does it say on the tag?
  9. Was that your bag Mimi?
  10. Sooooo CooooL!!!! Congrats Rees!!
  11. ^^^THank you! I see now that this was the same seller who had those 3 flat brass hobos (I think toni has 1?).
  12. I just updated the blog. At the time I first wrote that, I hadn't seen any D tags - now they're popping up all over! Congrats Rees!:flowers:
  13. there sure have been a lot of 03 blacks to pop up recently... not so rare nowadays actually! but a beautiful bag nonetheless, i myself would love an city or work with the pewter hardware... congrats!
  14. Awesome! This is all great news!
    Thanks a lot for all of your help everyone....you know how ebay can be sometimes....trash or treasure.....and it was great that you all came to my aide :smile:

    Does anyone else have this bag?