2003 balenciaga le dix

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  1. does anyone know if they used silver hardware for this year?
  2. From ateliernaff.com:

    "2003: raised silver/pewter"

    So, yes, I guess. :biggrin:
  3. fayden, yup. I know for sure that the 2003 red and mustard yellow have burnished silver hardware.
  4. Fayden - what did you find? (When-where-who-what-when-how)

    Must be a good one...please share...:amuse:
  5. guys i just got back from Harvey Nicholes London and I had the pink balenciaga bag on my arm (i dont knwo what size .. maybe the first or the city ..not sure but it was pretty big) .... i am absolutly in love!!!!!!
  6. Yeah, they started using Silver again with some of the Pony bags too (it looks SUPERB with the Black Pony)!!
  7. Harvey Nichols sounds like a goldmine for designer goods.

    I know a gal said they had baby blue B-bags there at a discount - I really (read RRREEEAAALLLYYY) wanted a twiggy or small moto in that color - but, alas - I am in the USofA and cannot go to HN. :evil: :sad: :evil:
  8. oooo, i'm gonna have to restrain myself. i want a black b-bag, but i really want a city instead of a small.
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