2002 Flat Brass First SP $200

  1. Wow she doesn't accept BIN, I hope the price doesn't skyrocket in the last seconds, good luck, it's a beautiful piece, I hope yhe winner will be a PFer.
  2. wow this bag is TDF! good luck!
  3. If I don't win this, I hope this goes to a PFer. This baby needs a loving mom.
  4. Yes I hope you will get it, you want it so much you deserve it!
  5. Good luck !! ;)
  6. Good luck, it's beautiful!
  7. oh, ladies...you're making me cry:crybaby:....thanks for the good wishes:love: .
  8. I saw this on eBay earlier and also saw that you were bidding... Made me smile.

    Good luck! I hope you get it.
  9. whats the point of going on a bidding war now? it will just cause the price to increase. I suggest waiting until the last min to place your bid.
  10. GOOD LUCK m1gr31n! :flowers: - keep crossing my fingers ;) :love:

  11. Actually, it's good to have at least one bid as we've all recently learned.
    This way the seller cannot "up" the opening bid price, which they do.
    You learn something new everyday. ;)
  12. That was my main intention why I placed the bid immediately, so the seller can't change the starting price.
  13. ^That's a good idea...there have been many, many times I wish I had done that!
  14. A good example of why I never bid until the end, or to use esnipe. A bidding war, shill bidding, etc. drives the prices up. :rolleyes: