2002 Flat Brass, current price $975

  1. looks yummy. i think i might bid on this one!!
  2. 0o0o0o0o 0o0o :nuts:

    :drool: :drool:
  3. OMG.... Reserve bid has already been reached! What a beauty. :sweatdrop:
  4. So tempted.... so very tempted. :yes:
  5. LOL- that's so funny! I was just looking at this one again and wondering whether I could harvest my money tree that I'm growing on the balcony yet...:lol:
  6. i think i'm going for it.
    good luck to everyone else!
  7. go *jennifer* go!!! woo hoo!!!
  8. Good luck Jen! Hope the beautiful flat brass finds its way to you! :flowers:
  9. Good Luck Jenifer! I have to say I just adore my flat brass first, such a wonderful bag!
  10. I'm surprised at how thin the leather looks. It almost looks like the current or late 05 leather. I wonder if it's just the pics.
  11. ^i think there was a batch of 02 bags which had a thinner leather, so this might be one.
    thanks everyone for the g'luck wishes!!
  12. That one was exciting. Congrats to whoever won it! It's gorgeous. :heart:
  13. Guilty.:love: I am soooo excited! and scared! :lol: I hope I all is ok and I can have a teeny bit of confidence in eBay again. Some of the credit goes to my Mom since she talked me into it and put the snipe on it. I guess she thinks that she can borrow it! Will definitely take many pictures when it arrives. sigh...... there is another bag on there that I have had my eye on all week. Slap me and tell me no! :P
  14. Oh, WOW!!! Congrats, Powder- I can't wait to see pictures of that baby when she arrives:yahoo:
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