2002 Fall/Winter Suede

  1. This is a picture only reference to highlight the colors from the 2002 Fall/Winter Suede Balenciaga Collection. This collection features suede classique bags with pewter hardware (still long strap). This is when Balenciaga started to use raised hardware and the straps are longer than what is used today.
  2. Suede classique with raised pewter hardware.

    Left pic: Chocolate
    Right pic: Beige
    IMG_0060.JPG S5002038.jpg
  3. 2002 Multi-Zip Classique in Chocolate Suede
  4. 2002 Black Suede Zippered Hobo
    2002 Black Suede Classique
    02_black_zipper_hobo_front.jpg 02_black_suede_first.jpg
  5. 2002 Suede Bags