2002 Black First!

  1. OMG :wtf: OMG :wtf: OMG :wtf: OMG :wtf: OMG {faints}

    :sos: I need a raise, quick!!!
  2. LOL redney! :roflmfao:

    Good luck to all who bids on it!!
  3. must...not...bid...must...pay...mortgage...instead...:Push:
  4. wow. with all it's bells and whistles too! now, before anyone sets off to bid on this lovely bag- might I point out (esp. if you've never owned a flat brass) that the leather on 02 flat brass bags are thinner than 06 leather, but not veiny -but- nicely distressed. I just want to make sure people know what they're bidding on, since I own a flat brass and I regretted that aspect for a while... but now I love it too much to let it go!

    edit: grammar
  5. wow, that's a gorgeous bag & in perfect condition, good luck PFers!!!
  6. gorgeous!! and its brand frickin new! *faints*

    there are so many gorgeous real bags on eBay right now... and all I do all day is routinely check on them. Its like the devil wants me to ruin my credit... tempting and taunting and begging me to click BIN. CLICK BIN! CLICK CLICK CLICK! akk! I hid my cc so well though... cant find it anymore! whew!

    its from a PFer too isnt it? yummmmmmmy
  7. mlert thanks for this public service announcement (before we all went a little wacko! ) has anyone detailed the smoosh factor in the early flat brass bbags? Ithink the first season was smooshy, second season not as much...and I don't know after that? thanks anyone who answers this!
  8. Mocean, you are too funny!!! Oh my gosh....between you and redney, I am dying here!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I hide money from myself, too. I haven't touched it for a while :angel: , but you're right....With all these gorgeous bags popping up on ebay, I think I'm gonna to have to tearrrrr up my room and try and find it! :wacko: :upsidedown:
  9. i know... I was considering selling one of my couches in hopes of raising some more $$ for bbags

    (note: not my only couch! I have a storage room with like 4 extra couches from my previous, much larger home)
  10. The third season's leather is not smooshy at all. It is extremely light and thin and pretty distressed..mlertpac gave an accurate assessment. I was disappointed when I first got it b/c it was so thin and it didn't have the structure of the bags I had seen in the photographs when Balenciaga first made a huge splash. But it grew on me over time.
  11. ^^^mocean!!! selling your furniture for bbags!!!:roflmfao: I love it!!!

    it's useless if I hide my credit card since I have the numbers memorized - ack!!!:hysteric:

    mlertpac and orchids, thank you for the info on the leather - I didn't know that! I do need a classic black bag and love the flat brass look....

    what to do, what to do...:shrugs:
  12. hi varsha, i just pulled out my 02 black first second season for you. i had not taken her out in a while..... she is very thin leather, not smooshy thick, bit smooth distressed, not like 06 pleather smooth on a bad batch, but silky distressedd and real creases, not veiny drawn on creases,. i think first season was thicker distressed leather. i had a choice of this or the pebbled leather at the time. pebbled leather is much thicker and stiffer when new. i have seen lots of third season firsts and leather is very similar to mine. its very nice.:tender:
  13. Orchids, is this you?? Is that your listing?
  14. Hmm... it's not exactly stiff either. It's super soft, but super thin leather. I *love* the distressing though, it grows on you. I guess if you're expecting something like the 03 caramel or lilac "squish" factor- then this bag is a no-no for you.

    The *best* part about the flat brass is the super long strap. You can really sling it across your torso (I'm 5'6 and I do that) and go completely hands free. This is why someone needs to threaten me with a baseball bat before I sell mine. :graucho: