2001 le dix - who won?

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  1. I REALLY HOPE IT WAS A PF'ER!!!!:yahoo:
  2. yeah me too!
  3. well at least we know who didn't win!
  4. Not me. I bid early but dropped out. Decided I would have to sell my other flat brass if I got that one and i have become attached to her. I have my new pebbled and it's a keeper forever so I have 2 flat brass blacks. That's it for me. I hope a PF'er got it too.
  5. :love: :sneaky: muuuaaahhhhahahhahaha!
    it's me! well, for my mom actually...since she gave me her "unknown style" flat brass...she wanted this one..:yes:
    I picked up the caramel for myself...;)
  6. gigi, the caramel one is the one I was wanting! The color was perfect! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  7. Congratulations!!! :yahoo: I am glad you got them Gigi. Gorgeous, collectible bags!!! Enjoy, post pictures so we can see them. I LOVE the caramel too!
  8. :p ;) I learned to keep my lips sealed as to what I REALLY want. Only I know. ;)
  9. congrats gigi!!

    wait... you got both?!!?! LMAO! I love it! SUPER Congratulations!
  10. i love it, i want tPF gals to hoard all balenciagas!
  11. good tip powder!:p
  12. OMGOSH!!

    Congrats Gigi on landing those BEAUTIES!!! :nuts:
  13. Congrats!
  14. congrats gigi!
  15. I do the same thing. Thats why I dont miss Achtung.