2001 Graffiti Vs 2009 Graffiti

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2001 Graffiti Vs 2009 Graffiti

  1. 2001 Graffiti *NOSTALGIA*

  2. 2009 Graffiti *TEAM NEON*

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  1. While I am still waiting for any responses from you guys on my rants on Graffiti, I want to see what you guys think of this topic:

    2001 Graffiti Vs 2009 Graffiti

    In my opinion, I like the older 2001 Graffiti print better. It was the original graffiti and one of the classic icons of LV collaboration. The tone of the print is more neutral and subtle. It wouldn't go out of fashion as quickly as the new neon prints. I have to say the 2009 tribute collection is a really nice idea though. Stephen Sprouse has contributed alot to the world of art / fashion.
  2. ok, even though I'm getting some 2009 Graffiti items, I have to agree that the 2001 version is amazing. I think an original will always win. The colours of the 2001 Graffiti are beautiful and go with Louis Vuittons Classic style. At first the sight of the 2009 Graffiti scared me, its a little crazy but its here for a limited time only so I had to buy and its growing on me. :tup:
  3. I'm still getting the Pink Neverfull but still love the 2001 version.
  4. by apprearance only i'm digging the new 2009 moreso than the 2001. 2009 pops!

    but as a respect to stephen sprouse, 2001 for the mere fact that Stephen Sprouse was alive and got to collaborate. 2009 is a tribute to his work by someone else's vision. Maybe Sprouse would of like to see the blue graffitti instead of pink...you know what I mean.
  5. All a matter of taste and where you will wear it and with what. Any word on the neon glowing under black light?
  6. altho i am getting a new graffiti piece, the original is more my style
    both are gorgeous editions, tho
  7. i love them both equally :yes:
  8. definitely the 2001 ones.. but decuz i missed them back then.. i'm still gonna buy the 2009 ones..
  9. The original Khaki Speedy is my HG. I still don't own it, so I say I prefer the 2001 better. The 2009 is nice too and I would love to own something from the 2009 run but I am on a ban.
  10. I must admit that I like the colors and size of the older graffiti print more.
  11. neon is fun and hip... it's for the young. But it's the 2001 version that i fell in love with! :heart:
  12. The Graffiti 2001 is the reason why I became interested in Louis Vuitton. I had never like LV until I saw this line on the runway. It's genius!

    I have to say I prefer Graffiti 2001 to 2009. I think the ultimate of all is the black and white Graffiti Alma. It's the queen of all bags! :okay:
  13. I do like both, but I prefer the Neon Graffiti.
  14. 2009 b/c of the neon!
  15. I really didn't like the colors from 2001...... the neon, bright colors from this year are stunning! I say 2009!