2000th post!!!!!! I need...................

  1. .............. to get a life LOL What am I talking about? this is my life :yahoo:

    I can't believe I just hit 2000! I am so enjoying being a member of this fabulous Forum, kept me sane through a couple of troubled weeks. I hope that my 2 cents worth is valued as I value the opinion of all members & hope my humble opinions helped some others. I so love the chat & learning about things that I didn't know. I have been a bit outspoken on a couple of threads but that's me, what you see/read LOL is what you get.
    I am having a glass of wine now & some crackers with cheese & humous to celebrate, hope you will all celebrate with me. Thanks for the friendship!
  2. Congrats BagAngel!!! Cheers!!:drinkup:
  3. First to congratulate me, Thanks so much
  4. Congrats!
  5. happy 2000!
  6. OMG I will never get where you are JIll

    Thanks Christie
  7. You have the gift of the gob... As my Mother would always say. :p
  8. hahaha here they say the gift of the GAB lol
  9. Join the club! Congrats! ;)
  10. Thanks John but long ime before I join your club almost 8000 wow!
  11. Congrats! :drinks:
  12. Congrats!
  13. Wake up Leanbeanee I did it LOL
  14. Here's a toast to BagAngel! Cheers to 2,000!
  15. Congratulations.