2000!! Yahoo!

  1. i know this isnt very important to you guys, but i reached 2000.........oops, now its 2001......hehehe!!:yahoo: :yahoo: i am going to Tysons Galleria to celebrate!!! (Saks, Neimans, LV, Coach... :devil:
  2. Of course it's important, I feel great each time I reach a milestone, congrats & enjoy your trip!
  3. Yay :yahoo:
    Have a nice shopping day!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Congrats =)
  6. Cheers to 2,000 Couture_Girl!
  7. Congrats on your 2000!!! I forgot the formular..... Was it each post=$1? Have fun shopping ,girl!:party:
  8. :yahoo:HOORAY, COUTURE_GIRL!:yahoo:
    CELEBRATING RIGHT ALONG WITH YOU! Congrats on your milestone, and keep the posts coming!