$200 for sunnies?

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  1. I saw these sunnies and love them. Ash Olsen has been sporting them (Oliver Peoples Tara). I can get them for $200 but am wondering if it's a smart investment :sad2: I just broke my Target cheapies so I'm figuring maybe it's karma to get the Taras lol? I have long brown hair, small round face, would these look ok?


  2. You cannot go wrong w/ Oliver Peoples, they're SO comfy!
  3. I was afraid you would say that lol. Looks like I might have to break out my new CC.
  4. $200 is a good price for Designer Sunnies.
    The quality is sooo much better. They will last you forever!
    Post pics if you get them! They are cute!

  5. Very cute! Have you tried them on yet in person?
  6. NO, I'd be buying them sight unseen. The shape looks similar to the ones I just broke though.
  7. I think they're really cute. $200 isn't horrific for sunglasses, even Coach's sunglasses are hovering around $178-$198. Just be really careful with them & remember to put them back in the case right away so you don't break them.
  8. NOt a bad price at all , and they are ultra cute
  9. Very nice :nuts:

  10. Those are cute! $200 isn't bad... My Chanel ones were $350 with tax. I think you'll find you can treat these carefully.
  11. I just had to have the Chanel 5080b's. I kept seeing Denise Richards with them and it became my ambition to get them. I think if you love them you will treat them like gold. If you have to have them,get them!
  12. go for it, treat yourself. Its not a bad price as long as you will geat the wear out of them and be careful not to break them.
  13. Nice--I love them!
  14. Sunglasses certainly can be expensive. And like bags, you can certainly have more than one! I currently have a pair of Stussys that I bought on vacation maybe six years ago (I think they were $150 at that time). Last year I bought a pair of Serengetis that were $200, and last week I bought a pair of Oakleys to knock around and keep in my bag, they were $100 (I still can't believe I bought a pair of $100 sunglasses to "knock around"). But I think they are fun! The frame is black plastic, and the lenses are called "ruby." The lenses are gold/red if you look at them from the outside, but appear just like normal dark lenses when wearing. Pic of the new Oakleys is attached!
  15. Twinklette, those are way cute!! Definitely get them!