$200 for LV luggage in China?

  1. Someone told me that they went to China and bought luggage for $200 USD among a whole bunch of other stuff for a REALLY cheap price. I figured this would be the place that knows. Is LV that cheap in China? I'm asking because a friend of mine was going to buy it from him. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, FAKE LV's are that 'cheap'....................................
  3. He said he bought it at an LV store. I don't want her buying something that isn't real. Basically, he's lying? I don't know how things work over there haha. Sorry if I sound ignorant.
  4. Yes, basically he's lying! :yes:
  5. They are 100 % fake.
  6. Fake. Don't support the fake trade.
  7. Definitely lying. :yes:
  8. Ok thanks. He made up this whole thing about how since the exchange rate is different, so are the prices and how the prices are lower because they make less money. It really didn't make sense to me but like I said, I don't know too much about China.

    But it doesn't really matter what I say since she's telling me I'm wrong.
  9. He's lying.
  10. Sorry but they are fake...:sad:
  11. If you go to an LV store in China, I believe it's more expensive than here.
  12. F A K E

    Most LV luggage isn't under $1000
  13. To pay USD $200 is a lot of money. You can buy fakes in China for $30.00 yes $30.00 and I would not buy or carry a fake or support the fake trade. You should buy an authentic piece and be proud when you carry it.
  14. I must be fake.