$200 for H to do a global search?

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  1. Thats what SA told me. Has anyone ever heard of this?? She's been my SA for a while now....and she always searches other H stores for me, but never globally. I was looking for the Tiger in Black and the only one left in the US is damaged. When I inquired into a global search, she said thats what it would cost.
  2. I have never heard of this! Has H gone stark raving mad?!!
  3. I think she is losing it or perhaps needs lessons with the $200 to do a search???
  4. Whaaaaaat?
  5. Never heard of this sounds strange!
  6. That really does sound strange.
  7. I've had H do a global search and it never cost me anything! Apparently it's really easy now, they just put a request through their computers to Paris who do a search and then relay the information back to the store, it may take a couple of weeks for them to get back to you though!

  8. They are doing one for me and did not tell me about this...I will refuse to pay this service as it is already expensive as it is...YIKES!:tup:
  9. Does she mean you have to put down a deposit of $200 for the piece? My stores implied to me if they do a global search there is an obligation to buy, I have not been asked for any deposit or fees thou, and I have always followed through with the purchases.
  10. ^^^^ Oh, I see. It makes sense!
  11. She said it was $200 because the process was very difficult. But Im searching for a shawl that is $950. I mean, I'm not searching for a twilly, KWIM.

    If its a deposit, then thats totally fine. But thats not what she said. It sounded like a fee....maybe it included shipping.
  12. ^^^^^
    I would call her back and ask her to clarify if this is a separate fee or if it is a deposit on the shawl. If it is a separate fee, that is totally insane.
  13. Yes, do call and clarify. My thought is that she was letting you know that the shipping & handling fee is $200... rather than $200 to do a search.
  14. Even if this is a shipping and handling fee - $200 is waaayyy too much! It doesn't cost that much to ship a shawl anywhere in this world.
  15. :tup: That's true!!!