200 dollars, what to buy?

  1. I have 150euros, which is 200 dollars to spend right now. I wanna somethin small, but cannot decide between mini pochette(monogram or azur) or cles.

    Any other suggestions?

    I am going back to Beijing, China, there will be very crowded, so I dont really wanna carry my french purse around, maybe only a little pouch to put some money in, do you think cles is too small for that? or should I get a small wallet like Ludlow?
  2. mini pochette will offer you more room while you can tuck cles nicely in ur jeans/pants pocket.
  3. I already have a pochette accessories.

    thank you everybody!
  4. What about the pochette florentine (i think it might be a little over), but it's a great piece if you have a thing belt you could wear it with, unless you want to buy the belt too!!
  5. Definately a cles or a Ludlow! They're so practical and versatile - plus they hold a bundle considering they're so compact! :yes: I couldn't imagine life without my cles...
  6. I vote a Ludlow!
  7. I love my Cles! I hook it to my keys and put a CC and DL and some cash in it and it's soooo handy! When I am not driving but going out, I can clip it to like the loop on my jeans or something similar.
  8. I would the mini pochette accessories.
  9. I'd go with a cles, very useful because of the handy clip !
  10. i thnk the cles is very usefull. The mini pochette will fit more, but the cles can tuck safely and comfortably in your pocket.
  11. I would go for the Cles!
  12. I vote for the new HOT Denim Cles!!! :drool:
  13. Get a groom cles, it's limited and cute and you can put a lot of cards and cash inside.

  14. Another vote for cles. It is so useful to have.
  15. if you are thinking about the cles, perfo cles fits the most, but i thnk it's 15 over your 200 budget?