200 Diamond Stitch Totes Available!

  1. They came in today. Small is $1750 and large is $1995....I think that's what my SA said. I've got a large black one coming :party:
  2. 2 hundred?
  3. The Chanel 800 number associate did a check of inventory for me.
  4. oh, you didn't say that! LOL!
    I thought you meant your local store!:shocked:
  5. Sorry, I was excited!
  6. Do you know the size of the small tote?
  7. OH, what colors? I thought the large was $1750? Did the price go up? =(
  8. Yes the price went up. The colors are black or white.
  9. Which Chanel location should I visit for the bag?
  10. Call the 1-800 number and they will tell you which boutiques have it.
  11. There's a large on eBay right now and it is gorgeous! I wish it was brought back in brown; I love this ligne. Congrats and can't wait to see your pics!
  12. Aaack! I want one! I'm calling them in the morning! Thanks so much, that's wonderful news!
  13. It is a great bag! I am surprised the price only went up $100 for the small tote since Chanel has been going crazy on raising prices. I paid $1650 for mine last August.
  14. pls post pics!
  15. what is the 1800 number? please!