$200 and under websites????

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  1. Hello ladies, I'm a recessionista, lol does anyone know of any websites for clothes, shoes, bags, etc that are generally $200 and under...besides forever21. Thank you!!!!!!
  2. Urban Outfitters is one that comes to mind right away.

    I highly recommend the sale section (or even regularly priced stuff) on Revolve, since they have a perpetual 15% off code...right now they have a 20% off code. Revolvepeople09. If you're a first-time shopper you can get 30% off.
  3. Other sites that try to be on trend but may not have brand names are: Newport News, Spiegel, Metrostyle(used to be Lerner). Also, Macys, JCPenney, etc have websites as well, so that's always an option for basic pencil skirts & business clothes.
  4. banana republic check out their sale section 70% off, some great buys
  5. Nordstrom in almost every section has a $150 other section. Def check it out!!
  6. Thank you guys soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I'm sorry but what is revolve..i went to revolve.com but nothing about clothes? Can you help me please!!!!!!
  8. ^^The website is revolveclothing.com. I always check the sale section at shopbop.com too.
  9. Don't forget to check out the deals and steals section of our forum to make sure you get great deals. I forgot to add these great stores for wonderful and unique pieces:

    New York and Company

    Nordstroms (sale section)

    Steve Madden Shoes




    National Geographic Store

    6pm (for shoes)

  10. One last thing, check out this blog. This lady posts how to stay on a budget and still be very chic. You might want to check this out. Check out some of her older posts, she might have some suggestion of other stores that you might be interested. Also check out www.stylediary.net.

    Budget Chic Blog:

  11. I go to h&m, target or new York and co. When I need quick fixes for career wear, suits etc.

    They just don't last very long. I've even bought stuff when I was too lazy to pick up dry cleaning!

    Oh don't forget marshalls and tj max
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    I'm responsing because someone posted my website link and I found it through my site stats. Thanks for the shout out.

    I'm real cheappppp when it comes to handbags I hate to spend more then $40 for bag, so I don't know if my site can help you.:shrugs: I'm a shoe person, handbags for me are a afterthought.

    However, you can always check TJ MAXX, Marshall's, Ross for Less is great because they have $100 Guess bags for under $50. Another poster mentioned Banana Republic, thats a good avenue as well. Some shoe stores like DSW and Off Broadway usually have great seasonal sales on their handbags. Target has their limited edition designer bags, and if you wait it out they will usually knock the price down pretty good. Burlington Coat Factory will have nice Kathy Van Zeeland bag every now and then for under $50 dollars. If you have a Bass outlet near you they make excellent leather bags - just as good as the vintage coach bags of the 80s and 90s. Last you a lifetime plus, so does Perlina - check their website. Their bags are made of the best leather! I have 3 of them that I use for work all the time.

    Cosignment stores and places like Value Village and Junior League type thrift store are another good avenue. It really use to be a great back in the day, but with everybody going vintage nowadays - offering can get kinda slim. Don't overlook Craig's List and local yard, estate sales when the weather warms up if you are looking for vintage designer bags.

    Unfortunately, since all of the higher end designer upped the prices on their bags so has some of the smaller players, so its hard to get a good leather bag at a really, low price. You just gotta put a little bit more effort into it.