20 Year Old Canvas vs New Canvas PIC

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  1. Just brought my beloved vintage '97 Monogram Canvas Keepall 45 Bandouliere back from a trip to Lisbon :biggrin: I picked up a monogram mini pochette there and compared the two. I'd heard that the canvas has changed over the years and wow, the vintage canvas is SO much thicker!

    Love these two though... perfect travel companions and the pochette hooks into the keepall for easy access!
    Has anyone else noticed the change in quality?

    PS: If anyone has experience authenticating vernis pieces, I'd love some help - trying to figure out if a preloved spring street is authentic! Thanks everyone :smile:
    89187A41-7878-4999-BC97-2CBF1AFDB096.jpeg 7452980D-BBD4-4F3E-90B0-CB5EE76DE628.jpeg 7452980D-BBD4-4F3E-90B0-CB5EE76DE628.jpeg 89187A41-7878-4999-BC97-2CBF1AFDB096.jpeg A6D90037-3251-4928-9AEF-A2C147B0D61E.jpeg
  2. A Keepall is not constructed with the same canvas and backing than your mini pochette. Apples and oranges.
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  3. I should have known some LV stickler would make a condescending comment. Apologies for not studying the history of canvas before making a lighthearted post... :biggrin:
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  4. No need to insult me by calling me a “LV stickler.” And my comment was not “condescending” (maybe you need to look that word up? See, that was condescending). I just took the time to address something misleading in your original post. People read this forum to learn, thus as a community we try to keep the information on these threads as accurate as possible.
  5. No offence was meant... obviously I wasn't aware of the canvas differences. For any mods - please will you delete this thread - I wouldn't want anyone to be mislead because of my confusion.
  6. No offense taken. By the way, your pieces are beautiful and we are glad you took the time to share them with us!
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  7. Oh good I'm glad. And thank you! :smile:
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  8. Can you elucidate? I've heard this before, even something like '19 kinds of canvas', but no real information.
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  9. Some folks are in denial in the drop of quality materials of lv products . :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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  10. I didn’t read his comment that way. I could be wrong, but my take on his comment was just that they are two different items that are constructed different using different material. Hard to compare the two.
    Anyway, I do believe most things aren’t made the way they used to be. Example; we just bought a new fridge this weekend after our nearly 20 year old one stopped working. The salesman told us that most new refrigerators are currently made to last about 10 years now, long gone are the days of 20-30 year appliances.
  11. "Denial" goes both ways. Thickness/ thinness of canvas does not mean low quality, that is where confusion starts. Stitching, holes, glazing etc are issues, but whether the canvas is 3mm thick or 5mm thick (numbers plucked out of the air, ) is not a quality issue. I wouldn't like my modern handbag to be made from the same canvas they use for luggage. Ugh... RnD is not a new concept.
  12. Congrats @bethm. Does look great for her age. :smile:
  13. how about the keepall and speedy?
    the canvas of speedy I got in April this year is really thin.
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  15. Next time you are in the store, try out some different products i.e. Phone sleeves, laptop bags, wallets, key holders, luggage and shoes. All different. My phone cover is as hard as a rock compared to my flexible pouches etc.
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