20 watchers and NO bids?

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  1. A bag I tried to sell had 20 watchers... and no bids. Not even one. Are people just nosey? I had my hopes up!
  2. Too bad! I've almost given up on selling for the moment. Too many window shoppers and nobody taking the plunge.
  3. i hate watchers. most that i get never ever buy or bid. its aggrivating. i think ebay ought to block other sellers that have the same thing listed that just spy. it may help weed out the real buyers versus "spys" lol. also would be nice if you could only watch if u have at least one bid in. just my opinion. i just think if people really want something they ought to show the interest and not wait,it teases sellers.
  4. Wow. So much hostility towards watchers! I just use the watch feature as a bookmark for things I might be interested in. It does help remind me about things I forgot about and getting the notices on relisted items is helpful too.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.