20 vinyl cabas coming into NM Palo Alto

  1. They're coming in soon, and it didn't look like the waitlist was too long, so I'd put my name down if I wanted one!
  2. do you know if they have any other cabas coming in besides the denim for spring?
  3. OOOO, I hope you post pics nerphanie!
  4. I think they're just getting in the denim...but not sure. Dark silver was in the pictures, but I think that's already out. And I'm not getting a vinyl, e, but I hope someone does and posts pics!
  5. My vinyl is on the way and I cant wait! I have been waiting a long time on this baby. My mom is waiting on one and maybe this will be her opportunity. Thanks.
  6. Oh~ where can I get a vinyl one? Could you please give me their email address? I don't live in US....
  7. I think the Cabas is coming in patent for spring/summer.
  8. Whoo-hoo!! I am on the list!! The Chanel specialist was really helpful, she said that they would be getting in a total of 55!!! Her number is 650.329.3300 et. 2119 or v-mail 5010.

    She kept on telling me that she was certain that I would get one!! YES!!
  9. :sad: I want one too~
    Are there an email address that I can send to??? Will they ship to overseas? Can they send it to the local Chanel boutique?