20% Tourneau and Coach

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  1. Hey Ladies and Gents

    Heres the deal, I get 20% off any Tourneau (Yes cartier, B&M etc.) and some coach stuff (namely their corporate items but sometimes other stuff too)
    If you're interested get in touch with me. I didn't know where else to post this but I wanted to share it would you

    This forum has done a lot for me and helped me out and I want to give something back'

    I guess PM me if you're interested

    Love ya guys!

  2. Wow you are very generous!! I feel like the things I want in tourneau, even 20% won't help. This was very sweet of you thank you again.
  3. I know, me too Minnie! Very sweet offer!

  4. Wow. Its very sweet of you. I don't need anything now but does it include Patek Phillipe and Rolex? Im just curious!
  5. I believe so, I know I can get anything they offer.
    I'm glad I can help out!!
  6. Wow, that is very generous! How long are you able to offer this discount?
  7. I'm not sure, thats why I posted right away on this. I guess the sooner the better..I'm ordering my S/O a watch tomorrow!
  8. wow, that is so generous of you to extend your discount, thanks so much!! :yes:
  9. sorry I hate to sound so noob - but how do we know what items is offered and what the corp. items are for Coach?
  10. Google "coach corporate" and you can find the coporate items link!
  11. googling "corporate coach" or "coach corporate" doesn't work.
    can you paste a link in here? thanks
  12. Very generous indeed. Please check your PM!

  13. I do! I haven't seen anything from you?
  14. how do i get the 20% off the tourneau? im in the market for a new watch