20 QUESTIONS: I just bought a...

  1. ...you have to guess!!! I'll answer questions with a YES or NO. :lol:

    I just paid for it so it's not in my hands yet and I can't wait!!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    The first hint: It's a discontinued item...:heart::heart::heart:

    I don't think it's too obvious or popular! Cast your guesses ladies!!!
  2. Is it a leather piece?
  3. Yes, the item contains leather. :smile:
  4. Cerises speedy?
  5. Is it an accessory?
  6. Nope, not a cerises speedy. I already own one! :P
  7. No, it's not an accessory.
  8. Is it from 2003 collection?
  9. Oh Irene I wish! But nope not a cherry blossom or an eyeloveyou piece.
  10. Op Art?
  11. Hmm, I said earlier that it wasn't that obvious/popular but I should rephrase that! It's fairly obvious/popular but the item itself isn't. LOL!
  12. That would be fantastic too but nope!
  13. Klara??!!
    is it smaller than a Trouville?
  15. Vernis Spring Street?