20% Promotion at boutique from 10/11 through 10/17

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  1. Please let Ryan knows Wen referred you.

    Hope all is well just wondering if you may be interested in our promotion that is starting tomorrow the 11th until the 17th of October. This is a 20% off promotion everything in our store and no exclusions. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you details. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


    Ryan at tods

    P.S. there will be a movie about princess Diana starring Naomi watts playing her and our purses will be shown a lot in this movie; the d-styling bag in particular
  2. This is a charity event for the Big Brothers Big Sister organization with tons of stores participating at South Coast Plaza--$60 for the shopping card and then 20% at participating boutiques:


  3. Thank you for the sharing. I just contacted Ryan and he is so nice and efficient. He replied to my emails in seconds. He also sent me the pictures of the driving shoes they have in stock. Unfortunately, he does not have the colors I am looking for. Will see if he is ok for me to post here. :P:smile:
  4. You are welcome. I don't think he would mind having the pics posted but check with him. I worked with him before and he is great. Sorry he didn't have the color you want in stock can he transfer from other store for you?
  5. I did not check. I assume that he could not, otherwise, he would have offered. And yes, he does not mind if I post the pictures for him.
  6. Here are the pictures. Enjoy, ladies!!
    photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG tods 1.JPG tods 2.JPG
  7. Does the sale include bags and small leather goods as well? Is it all items or selected items? Does this season runway go on sale?
  8. The original email says "no exclusions" and it should include everything. Ask Ryan. He is super nice and fast. Hope you will get what you want!:graucho:
  9. Oh I see...THAT IS AWESOME..its every TOD's boutique right? Does it include department stores like NM, Barneys, Nordstrom?:smile:
  10. I believe it's only the South Coast Plaza Tod's boutique--the promo is a charity program at SCP.
  11. Omg..that's so far away from the East Coast.:tdown::nogood:
  12. I think it's only at the boutiques.
  13. Thanks....Ill try the local TOD's boutique:smile: