20% off

  1. http://www.activeendeavors.com/default.asp

    Wse coupon code 'toutie' for 20% off all items.

    Happy Shopping :graucho:
  2. the code does not work for sale items
  3. Check out the Kooba Braeden for $208!!!!
  4. Just used it and it worked!!!!
  5. wat did u get?
  6. I just ordered the Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in Butterscotch (I've been LONGING for that color bag)! Your code saved me over $70!! I can't thank you enough! Now the agony of waiting for delivery....I am so excited!!!!
  7. :wlae: thats awesome! my gf bought the Jet Setter and its soo hot... now i'm thinking if I should get one too!
  8. i just got the Kooba Ada. The 20% off didn't apply, but for $218?? that was good enough!
  9. thanks! saved me $30 on jeans!!