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  1. VIP Sale on March 21st! What are you buying? Code VIP20.
  2. I was going to trade in my taupe satchel for a black, but I think I am just going to get the black without the trade in. Really want the chestnut mini satchel too, but it is not in stock. Will they let you order things not in stock with the discount?

  3. Not sure. Maybe some of the other Dooney lovers can answer?
  4. I hope so. I have been eyeing that mini in chestnut for a while. I am going to go ahead and get the small black now because I do not want them to run out.

  5. Tomorrow is a great day to take the plunge! Have fun shopping!
  6. You too. Are you planning on getting anything?

  7. I went overboard on the flo satchels. I am waiting on 2 from the outlet (salmon and raspberry). I purchased kelly green, orange, strawberry, natural, crimson, sunflower and a black/sand Dillen satchel in a 3 month time span. My budget is busted! Gotta pay off the plastic!
  8. They are addicting aren't they? I have purchased 2 in the last month, and now, my third is on its way. :yahoo::yahoo:

  9. Yes! I love the style and I get tons of looks and compliments. I change bags everyday and it makes me feel good! That's all that matters.

  10. Yes, they will let you place order for items not in stock. They will send them when they come in stock.

    Have fun shopping, everyone! :biggrin:

  11. Thanks Sue! I called customer service, and the bag I want is not supposed to be in stock until June, so I am not sure if I want to wait that long. Oh well...maybe it is not meant to be. I still made a purchase--small black florentine satchel and it shipped today!
  12. Does anyone know how long the sale is running? TIA

  13. Today only.
  14. Thanks!