20% off ShopBop code - who wants it? 1st to PM-me will get it, expires tonight!

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  1. hope someone can use it!

    That was super quick....never underestimate the fevor of purse fevor......or shopping fevor, for that matter!
    Thanks everyone for such a great response.
  2. dcglam, i just sent you a PM!!! :yes:
  3. i meant dcblam. sorry about that! :shame:
  4. modelina -
    thanks for responding - already GONE GONE GONE!
    no worries about dcglam....that's what my Mulberry gals call me!
  5. agh. that was quick!!! and i thought was fast!! hehe. thanks, anyway. ;)
  6. how did you receive the Shopbop code?

  7. I bought something a couple of months ago and they sent me a coupon for 20% off on my next purchase....I think others have received the same after their initial purchase.