20% off @ ShopBarbara (Hanky Panky, Genetic, Sky, Spanx & more!)

  1. Love this boutique! They just got in new arrivals for Hanky Panky in case you need to stock up! :smile:

  2. thanks i love this site! they have really fast shipping
  3. It said Promo code not valid?
  4. ^^^They apparently don't let you use the promo code on sale items, maybe that was it? I tried and it didn't say not valid, just didn't say anything but didn't subtract it from the total either. The hankypankys that I wanted were a deal anyway, so I went ahead without the coupon.
  5. I just tried it out. The code works on orders over $100 and is not valid for sale items.

    Glad you got a good deal on the Hanky Panky's though!
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to refresh this since it's expiring in a couple of days. It's a good chance to load up on your Hanky Panky's and they recently added new merchandise.

    Happy shopping!!