20% off pirata and adios at Pulse til 3/31

  1. [FONT=Comic Sans MS,Verdana,Helvetica,sans-serif]Take 20% off all pirata and adios star tokidoki for LeSportsac orders placed between by 3/31. This offer is not valid on ANY previous purchase or preorder. Use coupon code toki20 when placing your order. To order you must call us at 636.519.4022. Free Shipping is included.[/FONT]
  2. Oh Noooooo.......... I've been looking at two bags on eBay one Pirata, one Adios. Both great prices (under retail) but.... not as great as 20% off AND there is no shipping from Pulse. I'm not sure I can resist!!! I am SO not a mail order person though.

    If I do place an order are they pretty good about getting you the characters you want? I do NOT want just any Adios as some of the characters really turn me off.... but I HAVE to have Bastardino!!
  3. pulse is really good at getting the bag with the characters you want. you can just tell them which characters MUST be on the bag.

    I hope this helps!
  4. Yes, they are good about getting the characters you want. Just specify. Also make sure to tell them not to send you a blurry print. This applies to the pirata. I believe Disney was sent a blurry pirata. I made sure when I ordered mine I told them this.

    Hmm, maybe I'll get a caramella?? I'll have to check and see what they have left. Thanks for the info.

    I wonder if they will apply it to an amore as well. You never know.
  5. My guess is probably not. They are probably trying to clear space out for when Amore comes in. But then again, some people did get 15% off Amore pre-orders during the last sale....so maybe....
  6. I was one of those people.
  7. In their email they specifically stated NO only on the adios and pirata. They were very specific this time around. Im tempted but I just bought two pirata prints. I wonder what they have left? I'm guessing mostly adios but not sure if I want to fork out alot again. I do love the zuccas though.
  8. AHH so tempting... I think I want to order a Pirata but I'm going to have to wait until March 28th most likely :sad: nooo so close to the deadline there might not be anything left! :crybaby:
  9. right when i said i was going to wait for a sale on getting a pirata mamma mia..they go n have a sale..lolz i really shouldn't be getting nething cuz i've bought..uhm..7 bags this week! lolz ok this needs to stop..i need to get rid of some bags!
  10. 7 bags this week Bubblesung!!!! :yahoo:
    You're my idol!! Way to go!! Why not make it 8! This is a sale that you can't beat...no shipping, no tax and 20% off I wish I wasn't so implusive I could've saved my BF a ton of $$$...:shrugs:
  11. I think within the last week....I bought 13 TD items....

    when I first gave in..I bought 12 items within 2 weeks..

    I feel like a neuron ...I hold back until I've reached my action potential, then fire

    ...then there's the cascade.....

    Going to calm down for a few days.... going to try
  12. Wow Sempre congrats to you too on all your purchases! I like your analogy..it's awesome!! We are all addicted!! I didn't buy 7 or 12 bags last week but I did buy 6 caramellas, 1 caramellina, 1 angioletto and 1 bella bella so I guess I'm kinda tied with everyone else.:shrugs: I :heart: it... we are all :nuts:
  13. Gosh you guys make me feel SO much better!!
  14. Wow, that is a lot of bags in a small time frame. :wtf:

    I would be in Toki coma when the cc bill arrives! :shocked:
  15. I'm spoiled. 20% off IS a good deal but most of the stuff I've bought was older prints and they were 25% - 60% off at MAcys.... I keep telling myself to WAIT on Pirata and Adios (and Amore) because someday they too will be "really cheap" at Macy's.

    Then again they don't carry the bag styles I want those prints in....