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  1. I have a code that I won't be using. It expires 3/2. If anyone needs it, let me know!
  2. Hi Milkshake!

    I'd love to have it! Need new shoes! :smile:

    I can't PM you - I think you need to post one more time to send/recieve messages?

  3. I need one!! Thanks! Please PM me.
  4. Hi jpgoeth, I'm not sure how to send a PM... do I need to post more messages? :confused1:
  5. I'm not sure... I remember when I first registered that I either had to post a certain number of times or be registered for a certain number of days... but you've been registered since 2006 so that's not it.

    TIA - I'm excited for new shoes :smile:
  6. I just sent it to you! enjoy shopping for your new shoes :smile: