20% off Paige Premium Denim!

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  1. Save 20% at paigepremiumdenim.com until August 21. The code applies to everything on the site!

    Enter code: PaigePico at checkout to get the discount. :tup:
  2. Paige is excluded from coupon code discounts on a lot of sites, so this is great -- thanks for sharing!
  3. thank you!
  4. Hello!! Anybody got a coupon? I would like to buy my first pair of Paige's!! TIA!
  5. ^^ use the code above :smile:
  6. It says it expired already :crybaby:
  7. i just picked up a pair of Paige Denim @ bloomies...they have a special going on right now...Buy a pair of regular priced denim and get a $25 gift card. buy 2 and receive a $50 gift card.
    this is valid 10/08-10/13...just FYI :tup:
  8. Thanks, Pink. I am not in USA though :sad:
  9. I saw Paige jeans at Costco last week--They had two styles, Laurel Canyon (Las Flores with embroidered pockets) and Hidden Hills Barcelona wash, both were $109! Regular price is $189 so they are over 40% off!
  10. Paige is at costco? I didn't know they were that mainstream.
  11. Thanks!
  12. eLuxury.com is having a denim sale and Paige is included!
  13. Do be careful of the Laurel Canyon style, my friend wore hers for a few times and they tore. She wrote to Paige Jeans and they acknowleged that it was a problem and sent her a new pair. And within a few weeks, the new pair tore too, in the same area (around the knees). She wrote to them again and they ignore her letter this time.