20% off Nude Very Prive (gold tip) 38.5 on bluefly

  1. Awwww, it's my size and they are already gone! Bummer!
    I wonder whether they will get some more.
    But thanks for posting this LavenderIce.
  2. You're welcome. I know a lot of people here have been looking for them. I hope someone who truly wants them was able to get them.
  3. sold out!
  4. What a great deal! I wonder how Bluefly got them.
  5. i saw this morning in 6.5!! right when I was about to add it to my cart someone already got to them! :sad: oh well.....money saved...
  6. they went quickly huh!!! I hope someone here got them!
  7. ACK! My size!!!!!!!! How much were they on Bluefly, just curious?
  8. hope one of our lovely ladies got them. These are one of my favourite shoes and I would love a pair :smile:
  9. they were $616. pretty good deal! none were my size though
  10. BOOO!!! Usually I'm on here first thing in the morning but I was traveling home today! And my size too :crybaby:Oh well- I really hope that a TPFer got them!!!
  11. Yeah, I'm normally stalking this place but had a lot to do this morning!
  12. That is the best CL I've ever seen on Bluefly. Glad someone snatched them up.

    BTW ... did the board just change colors? I love the winter template.

    Updated: a 6.5 is there now!!!
  13. I managed to snag 36.5 on this ! but I'm a size 36 on a VP though. Do you ladies think it might be a little too big for me? I just got really excited and placed the order without thinking but now I'm not too sure though :confused1:
  14. Better to snag now and see later. Bluefly has a great return policy. I've returned so many shoes because they were too big/small. I hope they fit. :tup: