20% off NM home

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  1. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]your next online home purchase when you use code NMHOME* by August 15th.

    i don't think it works on purses:sad:
  2. just finished a survey myself and received the same coupon - how i wish i could use this for the bags..:oh:
  3. Oh No. No purses.

    Here's the rules:
    *Offer applies to items in the Home & Entertaining section of NeimanMarcus.com only. Items featured in the Designer Galleries in the Home & Entertaining section on NeimanMarcus.com are excluded from this offer. Discount applies to merchandise total only. Please enter promo code NMHOME in your shopping cart, discount will be reflected in checkout. Does not apply to previous purchases or Gift Card purchases, and cannot be combined with any other discount offer.

    Expires August 15, 2007