20% off Leatherstuff.com - Apple Guard!

  1. Use code MOTHERS DAY


    I was having a LOT of trouble with their site but finally was able to get through. Promo code is good until 5/14. Protect those bags, ladies! :biggrin:
  2. :sad:OH NO! I just bought some earlier today! I wish I had waited to get the promo code
  3. what is the site good for? what is Apple Guard?:oh:
  4. Thanks for the info, Love,bags! I'm going to order some tomorrow morning.
  5. Thanks - I just ordered a few things from them. Do they ship fast?
  6. NUTS! I just ordered some leather conditioner and apple guard today! Oh well . . . it's not like it was super-expensive.
  7. THANKS!! stock up, indeed.
  8. Thanks! What's the minimum purchase for the 20% off?
  9. oh...just bought 2 of the 8 oz bottles of AG.
  10. Ah, just when I ordered a gallon of it. LOL.
  11. No minimum!! If you ordered today, maybe you can still cancel and reorder? Send them an email!

    I love how shipping is so cheap--$5 for Priority Mail. Yay!
  12. Definitely stocking up ~ their products for leather care and protecting bags is FANTASTIC!! Thanks for posting this :biggrin:
  13. Thanks. =) Perfect timing, I need some for my white bags. -)
  14. That's okay. I ordered maybe two days before you posted this. BF got the gallon already. I was thinking of ordering another one but a gallon is A LOT so I don't think so. LOL. :nuts:
  15. Thank you. I just ordered! Has anyone used Apple Guard to make boots water-resistent or is it only for bags?
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