20% off Lancome.com + free shipping $50+

  1. Great! Thanks...I missed the friends and family discount a while back and was hoping another discount would come around!
  2. Thx a lot...
  3. Buy this stuff if nothing else...it's the best sunscreen currently available in the U.S.:


    Also, wear it every day under your makeup on your face, neck & decolletage at a minimum... sunscreen is the best anti-aging cream, and you should start it today (no matter what your age).

    </end lecture> ;)
  4. Free shipping with $50+ and one free sample of your choice... Just placed my order 10 mins ago... :tup:
  5. wow! 20% off? thats awesome.
  6. :cursing:Arghh...they don't ship to Canada
  7. this is great. Thanks so much for posting!
  8. I was just about to check out and it says shipping is 4.50 How did you get FS?
    oh...just saw I have to register..never mind :smile:
  9. Thanks so much for posting this! I put it to good use.
  10. Lynnie, I am registered, and my shipping also said $4.50. However, the coupon amount was the 20% discount plus $4.50 shipping, so the total was correct in my case.
  11. Thank you! :smile:
  12. wow! i never knew cosmetic companies had deals like this! thanks!
  13. wow! this is great! i love lancome!
  14. Thats a great deal! Thank you very much!!