20%off Friends and Family Event at Bare Escentuals

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    *The Bare Escentuals Friends and Family coupon is only valid from Friday, 11/30/2007 - Sunday, 12/2/2007

  2. THank you!!
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  4. why does it seem like they don't have all the single eye colors for sale on their site? am i missing something?
  5. Click on "eyes". Then dropdown to ''eyecolor". Choose a shade, when that color comes up then "select shade". There will be a dropdown box of a bunch of colors in that tone.
  6. Thanks for sharing!
  7. THanks!
  8. oooh i love their stuff--thanks so much :wlae:
  9. There's another coupon code that you can use on top of the F&F that's BEVIP it's also 20% which makes it like 35-36% off total ends Dec. 2.
  10. Thanks! I used both codes :tup:
  11. OMGosh, thank you soooooooo much - thank goodness I saved my order til today! :flowers:

  12. this is a good one!
  13. thanks!
  14. I can't believe it actually worked...I got a kit for a little over $50 (retail $75 and free shipping)...my sister wanted one of the brushes and for a little more, I got an entire kit. woo, hoooooo
  15. I used both codes too...thank you so much!!:yahoo: