20% off figleaves

  1. Use coupon code FALL20, expires October 3, midnight PST.
    Certain brands excluded.
  2. i just bought a lot of stuff from there 2 days ago! when did the coupon start? do you think they'll give me an adjustment...? it was on their dkny stuff which was already on sale...
  3. I got the email with the coupon a couple of hours ago. Definitely go ahead and give them a call but first try and put the same items you ordered in your basket and see if the coupon applies (I wanted to order some Elle Macpherson stuff but it was excluded).
    Then if the coupon works but they don't want to do the adjustment, you can always place another order and return your original one (I believe they have free returns).
    Good luck!
  4. thanks ikny!!!
  5. you're very welcome! :smile:
  6. anybody have a recommendation for a certain bra on their website?? I need something that iwll really push my boobs up :smile: THANKS!
  7. I :heart: the Wacoal iBra push-up bra. It's definitely cleavage inducing, and is super comfy since it has no seams and the underwire is really padded. I've seen some reviews online where people don't like it due to durability and care concerns. I wash mine in the washer on delicate and dry it in the dryer on the no heat setting, or just set it out to dry, and I haven't had a problem. I also have a Le Mystere push-up that does a great job (to the point that my friends have asked about it) but I don't see it on Figleaves. I did a little checking on some other sites and can't find it, but it might be worth checking their other styles out. It's not as comfortable as the iBra, but is a good going out bra.