20% off everything @ Drugstore & Beauty.com - Wed. 11/29 only

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  1. Oh no! I just bought a bunch of stuff from Drugstore earlier today, with the extra ****** rebate!

    Thanks for posting anyway!
  2. That is a great deal! I bought lots of stuff too today from Drugstore.com, but I could always shop again to have extras on hand! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Can't wait for the sale to start. I already have some philosophy products in my shopping cart. Also, I saw that if you get philosophy products, you get a full size Amazing Grace bubble bath.

    Oh and don't forget to use ******!!
  4. I don't think it works with ******. It works only with the link for 20%. The link from ****** does not give you 20% off. The sale already started.
  5. Yes, don't go through ******--you'll lose the 20% discount. They've got lots of stuff on sale... time to stock up! Happy shopping!
  6. Perfect timing!!! Thanks for posting!
  7. OH great! Thanks for telling me that! : )
  8. Hmmm... only seems to work for Drugstore.com

    Thanks anyway, I can buy plenty of stuff on Drugstore.com!
  9. Did anyone else had this problem? When I placed the order it showed the 20% off but then I got my email confirmation and it's not there.
  10. Same issue - when I checked out the discount was printed, but my email confirmation was incorrect! Tried to get cust svc on the phone but just cancelled the order...
  11. did this go ok for anyone?

    i am currently shopping on tehre and want to make sure its 20% off works! :smile:
  12. I would've cancelled but it was already shipped. They better not try anything or I will sic my CC co on them.
  13. I have a Q: When I click on VIEW bag, it doesnt show the 20% taken off. Is this normaL?

    * I'm going to place the order and if they don't give me the 20% off when I cehck my statement, I'll go regulate!!
  14. okay i just bought a whole bucnh of needed items!