20% off everything at Smartbargains

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  1. thanks so much for the link!!!!!
  2. thanks but you have to spend $300,this site doesnt even have that many nice items
  3. You don't have to spend $300. It is on the first $300 of your order.
  4. thanks for posting :smile:
  5. I always find tons of great things on Smartbargains! It's one of my favorite sites for deals. Plus they ship so quickly, too!
  6. There was a pair of satin slingback Jimmy Choos, and in my size, but had to pass, trying to save $. I generally use Overstock and Smartbargains to buy bedding, which are always pretty good deals.
  7. SmartBargains is great. Thanks for posting the link!
  8. A word of caution to those using Smartbargains promotions.

    I just wanted to share what happened to me with this promotion. I received the same email with the same link and placed an order with Smartbargains. The whole time that I was ordering, the 20% discount was reflected in my cart (my total was well under the $300 limit). After I hit confirm, my receipt came up and my discount was gone! Complete BS. I asked them what happened and they have refused to adjust my total because my charge reflects their records. I responded again and told them that if the charge was not reduced, I would be returning the order, disputing the charge with my credit card company and filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I will update if customer service's attitude changes but for now, I would suggest steering clear of them if you are relying upon a promotion.
  9. ^ Yikes! Please let us know how that turns out.
  10. good to know Jillian!:yes:
    If anyone else has good or negative experience let us know!
  11. ^ I ordered a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag from them, and used a discount coupon and everything went through just fine. I got a great deal and the bag arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I was very pleased with the whole experience.
  12. Jillian, this happened to me once before, in the exact same way you described - must be a glitch in their system. I called right away and even though the lady on the phone did not sound very happy she went ahead and adjusted the total.
    I've ordered from SmartBargains many times and has been happy for the most part.
    I suggest you call and not email and if you don't get it resolved ask for a supervisor.
    Good luck!
  13. Whenever they have 20% or 25% off sale, I have the same
    problem. I e-mail them 3 times, no answer, then finally call them and wait to get someone on the phone for 20 min then get the price adjustment. Be patient. Or, if you order from them at the promotion sale, do not forget to make sure if you really get the discount. I think there is some problem with their website.
  14. I buy stuff from them, too and have had good experiences, except for one time. Once my credit card was processed I ended up paying for a different amount. That had never happened, so I quickly called them and told them the situation. They said that I had to make sure I was going through the link that provided the discount and they adjusted the final price. Be sure to call them, Jillian! Other than that, they ship very fast and the returns are quick, too.