20% Off Designer Bags at Nordstroms TODAY!!!

  1. At least at the Nordstroms in Westside Pavillion. Including Marc Jacobs bags! They also had two Whiskey Paddingtons. GO. NOW. :nuts:
  2. is it only at one Nordstrom or at all of them? thanks!
  3. I don't know, but if the SA told me when I walked in. If you have one near you, call and find out.
  4. Thanks! I'm heading to the mall that have Nordstrom, might be good to have a look.
  5. Oh darn it. I didn't see your post until now. Is it just for today?? (saturday)?
  6. I think they are price matching to F&F of bloomingdales and Saks 5th... maybe the SA was using it to make a sale or sales for the day. I know some places do that to generate business. I was a Nord's today and no one mentioned the discount to me...
  7. I was in two Nordstrom's today, no one said anything and when I asked they looked as if I had five heads.....