20% off code for Levenger

  1. http://www.levenger.com/

    Use code 3DAYS97 for 20% off your order, through September 24. Can't be combined with anything else.
  2. I noticed some things on sale that didn't appear on the sale page. For example, I've been wanting a new agenda/planner (one that was nice and that I wouldn't get sick of in a month). The Circa Jackets were on sale in two colors (which I actually liked). So I got one on sale, and got the 2007 Circa Agenda insert on sale for only $2.95 (so I can try it out before ordering the 2008 - plus I know I'll want to use it right away!). I can't wait to get it! I also got a couple little things, like another Book Bungee and the Circa starter kit to go in the planner. The Circa items seem to be well liked and have good ratings.

    It's funny because I was just telling my boyfriend today that I wanted a new planner (and was eyeing his up), then about five minutes later I got the e-mail from Levenger with this discount. How could I help myself?
  3. Thanks, wordbox! Levenger is great. I have a mid-size Circa, and absolutely love it. I am going to see what other goodies I can pick up with this code. I hope you like your new planner!
  4. ^ That's so good to hear! I ordered the Junior size, which I think is the one you have(?). It's the medium. I considered the larger one, but worried about fitting it in my bags. I like how you can order so many different things to stick inside. I want to make sure I love it before getting more stuff for it, though, but I figure when I buy the 2008 agenda I can get more.

    Hope you find something good to order! Levenger rocks. I wish I had more money right now, there was plenty more I could have ordered. I love reading and writing, so Levenger is one of my dream stores.
  5. Me, too! Reading, writing, really anything related to paper and ink. I do have the junior size, it's perfect and fits nicely in most of my bags.