20% off Botkier

  1. Botkier is offering 20% off - use code bsxygift
  2. There is a large Botkier Bianca in bone on sale at Saks.com
  3. wow, first code I've seen for Botkier.com.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Doesn't Botkier have a sample sale coming up in June?

  6. Really?!? :yahoo:
  7. Well, they had one in 2005 in the middle of June, and then in 2006 at the beginning of June, so I guess June 2007 should be the time for one as well? Nothing's been announced, but it would be the time to have a sample sale. Too bad I only got into Botkier in August of 2006 so I missed them. And I was in Boston for their December sample sale. :sad:
  8. Bianca dosen't come in "Denim" in 2007 :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  9. In Devil Wears Prada opening montage, is the black Bianca a medium or a large? I want to make sure this bag fits over my shoulder.

    Thanks you all.
  10. I have the medium bianca in denim, it fits over the shoulder - but snugly (but then again I do have a pretty big arm:blush:....)

    But I would say if you want more arm room - I would recommend the large
  11. Is this sale online too? I am close to NYC - but I am NOT going to fly to NYC just for a sample sale (although I would like to - but my job wouldn't allow it LOL)
  12. I think it's only in person, but I have no definitive answer until I get that lovely email about the sale! :smile:
  13. I'm sure we'll hear about it on deals & steals when the sample sale starts. Like you, I missed it last year since I didn't get into Botkier till late last year. But I didn't hear about another sample sale in Dec :sad:! I'll def have to keep my eyes and ears wide open this year.
  14. expired...anyone has the new code?
  15. There isn't one, that code was for Mother's Day. Sorry!