20% Off Botkier.com

  1. Enter code luckymag at checkout to receive 20% off...
  2. thanks for the info..
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. I just tried to buy their Skeleton Hobo and it wouldn't let me use the luckmag code. Something like "your order does not contain qualifying products for this coupon". I guess it only works for certain bags!! Trust me to pick the one that isn't on sale!
  5. I think the sale was only for the Bombay tote.
  6. Thanks for that.....Just looked at the Bombay tote, i can't decide if i like it or not.
    If anyone else does like it and gets 20% off, that'll be a bargain!:smile:
  7. Does it work for the Emily? Is there a new Lucky issue out ? I love that magazine.
  8. I'm sorry I thought it was good on everything...
  9. Has anyone else tried if it works on more than the Bombay tote? I am dying for a Trigger turbo... And this would be the perfect time!
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